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Reformer vs. Mat Classes

Both Reformer and Mat Classes are offered at North Boulder Pilates. Mat Classes take place in a group setting on individual exercise mats. Reformer Classes are similarly limited to small class sizes and utilize equipment to offer resistance and assist in non-weight bearing exercises

Each class focuses on engaging and strengthening core muscles and additional muscle groups. Also, each class may utilize supplemental equipment to add variety and expand on techniques. Props include: thera-bands, foam rollers, the Pilates ‘magic-circle’, long/short boxes, standing platforms, jump boards, long sticks and exercise balls.

Which class a client chooses is completely preference dependent; prices vary between classes and Osteoporosis/Osteopenia series are available in each setting.

Rehab vs. Fitness Classes

The majority of clients that come to North Boulder Pilates will participate in Rehab Classes for the following reasons:
  1. If they are experiencing any acute symptoms (i.e. back, neck pain, etc) or have restrictions that prevent them from being able to do various exercises.
  2. If they are new to Pilates and are unfamiliar with their personal modifications or reformer settings (springs, foot bar, headrest, etc.)
  3. If they are of a lower fitness level

Rehab Classes are taught at a slower pace than Fitness Classes. In Rehab Classes an instructor will work more closely with individuals to ensure that they are managing their equipment modifications and exercises safely and correctly.

Fitness Classes are recommended for individuals with extensive Pilates experience, a well-rounded understanding of personal exercise modifications and confidence with adjusting reformer settings. In addition, Fitness Class participants should not be experiencing any acute symptoms.

Generally, Fitness Classes are paced more quickly than Rehab Classes since clients are more familiar with exercises and proper technique.

Fitness Reformer

Fitness classes are for individuals who are exercising at a fast pace, are not rehabbing any injuries, and are self-aware of personal modifications/settings. Additional props include weights to encourage stabilization with movement and resistance.

Rehab Reformer I Classes

Rehab Reformer I Classes are the lowest level Reformer Classes available at North Boulder Pilates. These classes are ideal for students new to Pilates, elderly clients or injured participants. Instructors will pay close attention to class technique and will give assistance with personal modifications and settings.

Rehab Reformer I Classes are a great launch-off point for Rehab Reformer II Classes or Fitness Classes. In these classes, clients can become more familiar with Pilates in a group setting and also develop a better awareness of personal adjustments.

Participants who remain in Rehab Reformer I Classes typically have more severe restrictions that would prevent them moving to a more involved class (ie. unable to lie on stomach or kneel).

Rehab Reformer II Classes

The majority of clients at North Boulder Pilates participate in Rehab Reformer II Classes. These classes are more fitness driven than Rehab Reformer I but still individuals’ needs regarding modifications with exercises or reformer settings. Typical classes will include participants with minor physical restrictions that do not interfere with the pace or style of the class.

Rehab Reformer I/II

Rehab Reformer I/II classes were designed for students who do not have severe restrictions, whom are beginning to work up to a Rehab Reformer II class. These classes are quicker paced than the level I classes, but students may still receive assistance with personal modifications and settings.

Rehab Reformer II/Fitness Reformer

The Rehab Reformer II/Fitness Reformer Class was created as a hybrid-transition class. Participants in this class are working towards a Fitness Class but may still need assistance with modifications and technique.

Osteoporosis Classes: Osteoporosis Mat & Osteoporosis Reformer

Osteoporosis Classes are designed for those with Osteoporosis or spine/hip injuries. However, on occasion clients who are unable to register for Rehab Reformer I classes will be placed in an Osteoporosis Class until an opening becomes available. Osteoporosis classes are taught at a lower intensity and slower pace than other classes at the studio. In these classes there is a specific focus on posture correction and intrascapular muscle strengthening.

Osteoporosis Classes are mostly conducted with the spine in “neutral” or “extension” to prevent injury. No exercises involving flexion, rotation or bending are incorporated into Osteoporosis Classes as they can be harmful to those with reduced bone mass.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor for improved technique and guidance. During Private Lessons, clients will learn the three contractions of core stabilization, personal adjustments for exercise equipment and modifications of exercises for injuries. These lessons provide a great opportunity for clients to meet with instructors, voice questions, concerns and goals. It also enables instructors to get to know each client on a first name basis, better understand their experience with Pilates and help introduce them to the studio. To ensure safety and a basic understanding of the Pilates technique, three to five Private Lessons are required for individuals interested in participating in the Reformer Classes or Mixed Equipment Classes.

***As classes are limited to 5-6 participants, each class operates differently and is tailored to the participating individuals. The above descriptions are expected to serve as a set of guidelines when considering a level that works best for a client. Please understand that style and pace may vary between instructors.